Is your business facing some of these challenges?

  • Lack of Vision and Mission
  • Repeatedly solving the same problems
  • Hiring the right people
  • Building a brand
  • Developing a customer base
  • Depending on a single or a couple of clients
  • Lack of policies and procedures
  • Owner unable find the balance between working long hours and business success
  • Business dependent on the owner to run the operation
  • Cash Flow insufficient to cover bills
  • Handling business accounting and taxes
  • Unfamiliar with business processes improvement
  • Compliance of federal, provincial and local regulations
  • Unawareness of the most profitable product

What we do.

We work to achieve business optimization with a supportive and collaborative approach. We provide the delivery of an effective plan to increase profitability in your company through cost analysis and evaluation of performance and all expenses. We serve your business by establishing best practices, examining key performance indicators and all guides to orient the correct action of the most valuable resource in your business: people.

We are offering objective, practical and results-driven advice which includes one-on-one coaching when you’re running a smaller business. Our solutions are designed to equip you with the knowledge, know-how and tools to manage every function of your business with confidence.

  • We are strategic problem solvers with operational mindset. We translate your business goals into actionable plans.
  • We have remarkable ability to simplify complex challenges and provide operational solutions to ensure maximum productivity and revenue.
  • Business Optimizer provides subject matter expertise to drive continuous improvement and consistency by identifying opportunities for innovations.
  • We can influence and motivate people at all levels across a variety of job functions.
  • We drive operational excellence, assess and revise data, reporting, technology, processes and infrastructure to support core business functions.

We can advise how to thrive in the new normal after Covid-19, through:

  1. Crisis Management Phases
  2. Initial Crisis  Identification
  3. Resilience Plan
  4. Recovery Plan
  5. Adaptation and Pivot – Defining Strategies
  6. Adaptation and Pivot – Implementation

Managing the administration of your company can be a full-time job, but what if “General Manager” is only one of the hats you wear?
Make sure you have the right foundation in place to ensure you are saving both time and money.

Ensure you have:

  • The right people
  • Expertise
  • Technology